Friday, March 30, 2012

Gearing up for the A-Z Challenge

As if I don't have enough challenges in life, I recently signed up for one more: the A-Z Blogging Challenge. What this challenge entails is me posting a new blog every day in April (except the last 4 Sundays of the month), but the subject for each post needs to be in alphabetical order.

I read that a few folks have already written posts & scheduled them for the appropriate days. That got me thinking about what topics I want to write about. I want a lot of it to be spontaneous, so I haven't figured out a topic for each letter yet, but I did sit down & write a little list of topic ideas for some of the letters. I decided having a game plan was pretty smart b/c the challenge starts on Sunday, which also happens to be my youngest nephew's 4th birthday party, so I'm not going to have a lot of time or energy to think about what to write.

Obviously, with Sunday being the first day & also my youngest nephew's birthday, my topic for that day is "Aunty Business". The next day is B & my topic for that day is going to be "birthday". I know I'll be too exhausted to mess around w/ pictures of the birthday party on Sunday, but since the 2nd is my nephew's actual birthday & I'll have a little free time in the evening to sort through the pictures, that will be the perfect day for the birthday post.

After coming to the conclusion that A would stand for "Aunty Business", I thought about how many different hats I wear at any given time. So throughout the course of the month, I'll be breaking them down a little. For example, M is going to be "Mommy Business", W is going to be for "Wifey Business", etc. Again, I want most of my April posts to be spontaneous, but I'm excited to have a few ideas in the works already b/c I feel like I have a better handle on the challenge.

In other news, our extended family is in the midst of some pretty significant changes. All are for the better, but they're still difficult for those directly involved. The hubs & I have spent a good deal of time talking about ways we can help & offering what support we can. There's not much more we can do, although the hubs did buy a lottery ticket last night that could go a long way to solving some of the problems for those family members who are struggling right now. :)

I've been spending extra time at the book exchange this week, which I've really enjoyed. At the same time, my family & house are starting to show signs of neglect so I'm looking forward to going back to my 2-3 days per week schedule. I really love being around all the books & even the tedious tasks are fun to me. If I could spend more time down there w/out putting my family on the back burner, I totally would.

I'm sure I won't be posting again until Sunday b/c I have A LOT to do to prepare for my nephew's birthday party. I was starting to worry how it would all come together since there are no pre-made Scooby Doo party supplies available anywhere in town, but it is actually turning out pretty cute. I'm excited to share pictures of some of my handy work & I especially can't wait to see the look on my nephew's face when he sees his Scooby party!


  1. You're going to have a lot of fun during the Challenge and make many new friends. Looking forward to your posts!

    1. I'm excited to see how the month unfolds w/ all the different topics. Thanks for reading! :)



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