Sunday, November 30, 2014

Favorite memory this month

It's the final day of the November photo challenge and NaBloPoMo.  Today's prompt is my favorite memory this month.  I'm having a hard time choosing just one.

We started the month by having our annual Halloween party.  It was much more low-key this year than it has been previously.  I think my exhaustion showed in the party-planning, but we still had fun.  Any time spent w/ friends is a good time.  

Later in the month, Presley pulled herself to a stand.  Seeing your children hitting milestones is exciting for any parent.  It's especially awesome witnessing Presley grow and learn new things b/c we had all but given up hope that we would ever have another child.  That makes her even more of a miracle to us than she already is.

Then there are the small moments that mean so much.  Trinity is a tween now and as such, I think it's required that they hermit away in their bedrooms and spend as little time with their dorky family as humanly possible.  However, there were a few moments here and there when she actually graced us with her presence, as well as a good attitude, and those memories are more precious than jewels.  In fact, just last night she walked around w/ me through the craft store, never leaving my side, which is very unusual.  Then she decided she wants to make her baby sister a no-sew blanky for Christmas, so she picked the fabric and was all excited about making the gift.   I am elated, to say the least.  The chance to work on projects together is a rare thing these days.  I'm looking forward to having the time w/ my oldest baby.  I don't feel like I get nearly enough of it.

If I have to choose a single memory that I would call my best, it would be getting our family pictures done for the first time as a four-some.  Presley was fussy, but Trinity was mostly cooperative.  The photo shoot itself wasn't this over-the-top exciting, fantasmic experience.  It was just a simple, outdoor photo shoot w/ our beloved photographer (and friend), Keri.  What made it special to me was being back in the same yard where we had our maternity photos done the year before.  When we were the Sams Fam trio, we only had a "real" family photo done twice.  Once when we visited my Dad for Christmas, and once for the maternity shoot last year.  Other than that, it was all snapshots w/ someone's digital camera or pictures of us at Disneyland.  It seems crazy to me that we didn't make time to have a real family photo done every year, so I'm making a vow that we will get an annual family photo taken from here on out.  Seeing the finished photos and ordering this year's Christmas cards makes me want to squeal like a little girl.  So I'd have to say getting our first ever Sams Fam Fab Four photo taken was the best moment in November.
Presley conked out after our first family photo shoot

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