Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's gone, all gone!!

It finally happened. I had a moment of random testicular fortitude & let go of the hair. Lots of it. Lots and lots of it.

My husband's reaction was typically sweet & vague. "As long as you like it, that's what matters". You know, the kind of perfectly nice comment that tells you he doesn't like it but he won't ever flat-out say it b/c he loves you & doesn't want to hurt your feelings. He gets points for loving me that much. He is also the only person who has my permission to make a lot of lesbian jokes at my expense, to my face. Everyone else gets one or two; he gets an unlimited supply.

My own kiddo was downright mean about the change in my appearance. I would never say this to her, but her reaction was very reminiscent of her bio-dad's reaction to a haircut I got while pregnant with her. I don't think what she said came from anger and I know she wasn't trying to purposely hurt my feelings, but she did.

None of my friends have seen it in person yet. The picture I posted online wasn't the greatest representation of the cut but it drew a pretty wide variety of comments.

I was feeling a lot of apprehension to begin with. Now, despite the product gooped in my hair & the wind knocking it around a bit, I've decided I like it. It's comfortable. I really think once I've had a chance to play with it sans goop and with a straight iron, it's going to be a good style for me. When you choose such a short cut, you run the risk of looking either too matronly or too butch. Since I like wear my husband's hoody most days, I tend to lean more on the butch side. What I was going for was fun & functional. Time will tell if I hit the mark.


  1. I say as long as you like it, no one can tell you otherwise. Well...they can, but they would be wrong! It's all in how you wear it. Wear it with pride, girl! I would love to have the balls to cut my hair super short, but I won't, cause well....I am sans balls!
    So I give you an inter-webby *fist bump* and mega props just for going and getting it done!
    I haven't seen it yet ( like you said) but I'm sure it's awesome!
    And end up not liking IS getting close to winter, which is Beanie season! :) I believe this is a win/win for you!

  2. I really do like it. I'm still trying to find a way to style it better but I think it's a cute cut. Also, I LOVE HATS! So if all else fails, I will have a good excuse to purchase a few new hats. :)



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