Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What is this "proper planning" you people keep speaking of?!?

Last night I did something completely out of character: I started preparing for an impending party 5 days before it's scheduled rather than the night before!! I'm so proud of myself! Truth is, this party is going to be easy to pull off. I had a lot of big plans that I've had to scale back due to budget constraints (typical of all my parties) and now it's starting to look like there won't be many people in attendance. Which, of course, causes further scale backs. I've already purchased the party supplies so I'm going to move forward w/ the plans as if everyone were coming, but I'm worried now that Lilli will be disappointed that no one is there except us. I feel guilty, too, b/c it was my idea to bring her down here for her birthday party. When her dad told me that she wasn't going to get a party b/c her mom couldn't afford it, there was no way I could just accept that. If you know me at all, you know that I find it deplorable when children don't get a birthday party. Even if it's small, there just has to be some sort of celebration. (This is my own personal hang-up brought on by many years w/out parties as a child. Do you want your kid to turn out like me? No! So throw them a mother effing birthday party every year. Damn.)

Where was I? Oh yes, the party. I painted wooden stars & craft sticks to match the Tinkerbell & her Fairy Friends theme. I'm going to hot glue them together w/ ribbon & random things to make them fairy-ish.
There are goody bags w/ actual Tinkerbell toys & whatnot in them. This was a stretch for me b/c I rarely buy actual pre-made goody bags. But $9 for the entire contents for 8 goody bags was too good to pass up. I'm going to be hanging balloons & poofy tissue paper flowers from the ceiling around the kitchen table. I'm still not sure if I'm going to order a cake or just bake one. Given the lack of attendees, I might just bake one & try to find Tinkerbell decorations to put on top of it. I'm giving myself until tomorrow to figure that part out. And I should probably consult w/ her Dad, too. (I'm a domineering broad who tends to take these things & run. I need to learn to be more conscientious of the actual child's parents, I suppose.) I'm also making Lilli a long tutu to match the colors of her party. I think I'm going to find her some wings, too.

That's about all I'm doing. Like I said, scaled back. It's kind of a relief not going too overboard on a party. It's certainly different. Now to recruit friends w/ little girls so there are actual attendees. But not too many....only 8. Cuz that's all the goody bags there are.

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