Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Write with the swiftness

So it seems the only time I can blog is in the mornings. Probably b/c I'm a Mombie (Mom Zombie, get it?!) by about 4pm. By that point in the day I've already put in 8 hours at the ole' job, taken Justin to work, picked Trin up from school, picked little Mikie up, dropped his mom off to work, and picked Justin up from work. Doesn't seem like much when you lay it out like that, but trust me, it's exhausting. Suffice it to say, my brain is pure mush by late afternoon & my evening is usually so hectic that I wouldn't have time to write even if I were firing on all cylinders. Hence, my morning posts.

Unfortunately, today started about 45 minutes earlier than usual b/c I had to account for the time I'm taking off work to take Trin to the doctor and I still don't have much time to write. Also, my entire workday is shot b/c we just hired a new guy who I am training and we have 2 clients who are complete spoiled brats & demand their programs be up & running in an inhumane amount of time. Therefore, in addition to losing an entire day of work yesterday for training, I will be losing one today but somehow have to manage to produce a flippin' miracle & give these 2 particular clients what they need. Failure being as viable an option as a deadline extension (which is to say, NOT EVEN REMOTELY AN OPTION), I have no choice but to pull magic out of my ass. This is not an easy thing to do, friends.

I will prevail. Somehow, some way, I always do. I kick & scream & have a series of debilitating mental breakdowns in the process, but in the end, I find a way to complete whatever task is ahead of me. Usually to the detriment of my sanity, but whatever. As long as CLIENTS-FROM-HELL-WHO-SHALL-NOT-BE-NAMED are happy, right?!

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