Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend drag

My entire weekend was planned around the 3rd anniversary Diva's Drag Show at a Rosso's After Dark. I realize not everyone appreciates drag queens the way I do, which is okay. But I love them!!

I thought the show was supposed to start at 10pm, but we heard that the place got pretty packed so we got there around 9pm. The show actually didn't start until 10:30pm, but in true diva fashion, the drag queen's showed up over an hour late. Though once the show started, they didn't disappoint! The first drag queen was Lady Gaga. She lip synced 2 songs, ending her performance by throwing herself on the ground & flinging her head around so much that her wig flew off & hit a security guard. Next was Madonna or "Man-donna" as my homey so aptly named her. By the time she started lip syncing Like A Prayer, I had finished a couple vodka drinks & a mai tai and was happily singing along, screaming, and clapping.

We were there w/ a large group so we put 3 tables together, which made the perfect place for the drag queens to climb up on & dance, which they did...a lot. There were several performers, most of whom were Hispanic, so there were a lot of songs our group didn't recognize. My favorite performer was Adele or "Man-dele", as she was re-dubbed by my homey. She only performed one song, "Someone Like You", but my homey & I were singing along & gesturing at each other lovingly throughout the whole thing. It was so much fun!!

I don't usually get the opportunity to go out on the town & have a kid-free night w/ my friends, but this was our 2nd night out in 3 weeks. I definitely would not & could not do this all the time, but it has been great to break out of the norm.

Now that I'm starting to pull out of the funk I've been in lately, I'm going to try to ride the wave & get things accomplished that I've been putting off b/c I've been depressed. Mainly, getting our house in order. I can't afford the paint for the shelf in the kitchen still, but I'm going to go ahead & organize it anyway. The hubs & my bedroom is next on the list. B/c no one ever sees it besides us, it's easy to make it the catch-all. But we're both sick of the chaos in there, so I've got my sights set on cleaning it up.

It's very difficult to be a neat freak at heart, but not have the energy or time to keep up with everything. Granted, my kiddo & hubs could pull their weight a lot more, but how many women can honestly say their family does their fair share?! Not many. Some days it's worth the battle and other times, it's just not. To make matters worse, I've been in the midst of some depression, which zaps all motivation. Now that the fog is starting to clear, I'm going to try to get things organized again.

All in all, I'd say it was a pretty awesome weekend. My poor munchkin stayed home from school today b/c she's running a fever, so I'm going to take advantage of this extra time & get a few things checked off my to-do list.

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