Friday, June 29, 2012

The end of the saga

Today ends my saga w/ the dude who refuses to pay us back.  2 days ago he finally called & said he'd be at my husband's work to pay him & again, he didn't show up.  I warned him that I was only going to bother him worse if he lied to us again.  So I kept my word b/c unlike him, my word is my bond.  Then yesterday I spoke to him twice.  First he was going to drop the money off at my husband's work, then when I started texting b/c he didn't show up, he called & said he'd bring it to our house.  Again, he never showed & quit returning my calls & texts.  This morning, I went nuts w/ the texts.  Between 3:30am (which is what time I get up for work) & 9:30am, I had sent somewhere around 50 text messages & called 6 times.

You can imagine how pleasant he was w/ me when he called me back after a series of 8 consecutive texts that said F you.

$100 was all this friendship was worth to "Elvis".
He yelled & said he called the police & filed harassment charges on me.  (I called the local police & as of yet, they have no record of him calling so he may have been bluffing.)    He said it needs to stop & that he would be by to pay us today.  I told him I've heard that before & I'll stop when he pays us.  He said it stops now, and I said, no, it doesn't.  This went on for a couple minutes before I just told him to F off & hung up on him.

Alas, once the police are involved, I wave my white flag.  I have never even had a speeding ticket in my life and as much hardship as he's already put on my family by not paying us back, I won't let him add insult to injury by ruining my squeaky clean record.  I came from white trash, abusive drug addicts & don't have a police record.  That's a matter of deep pride for me!

He called my husband after he spoke to me & said he was going to pay us today & then called me some choice names.  I know I won't see a penny from him, but it shows how fucked up in the head he is that he can't just be honest & say "I'm never paying you back".  He still insists he is, but once I'm quiet, he'll have no motivation to actually do so.

It's a bittersweet ending.  I'm glad to be done b/c it has really consumed me lately.  I'm absolutely drained from the whole thing.  I think the stress is what caused me to be sick last week & since then I haven't been able to eat much, which is great for weight loss, but sucks for overall health & well-being.  I don't feel great about the way it's ending. I was so determined to see this through, to win a battle for the nice guy & prove we don't always finish last.  Instead, bad trumped good.  But, too quote the wonderful Sam Cook, "that's it, I quit, I'm movin' on."


  1. I've looked into the abyss, tangled in the tentacles of a narcissist, and I can tell you from experience you will be happier once you cut your losses and don't look back. Sometimes bad wins the battle, but the joke is on them. Because the truth of Karma is long term, and it is a lonely road when everyone has learned who you really are.

    1. Karma is real & true & it will get him. Part of me is relieved b/c this whole thing has taken a bigger toll on me than I care to admit, but part of me is mad that I couldn't produce the results I was hoping for. Almost as if I've failed in some way, though I know I did everything I could.

      I also wish the other people who have been ripped off by this jerk would stand up to him, too. I'm just one person & there are tons of others who should be speaking up. I chose to be the one to make the loudest noise, but I was really hoping for a lot more back-up than I got. As far as I know, everyone else he's ripped off have just let it be & left me out to dry.

  2. Bad NEVER trumps good. The ripples you make today will make waves that cause him to drown tomorrow. Metaphorically :)

    1. Thank you, friend. :) The night that all this ended, he called Justin & said he felt really bad for how things went & that he was sorry (his first apology since all this happened), and that he would absolutely make it right b/c he didn't want to lose Justin's friendship after all they had been through over the years. He told Justin he had to pick up his kids & take his mom home from her doctor's appointment, but would call in 1-2 hours. We haven't heard from him since. Justin tried to call him 3 hours after he talked to him & the dude didn't answer, so Justin is letting it go, too. He said $100 was worth finding out who his true friends are.



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