Thursday, July 26, 2012

I might die!

I know I have mentioned my extreme obsession love for The Bloggess, Jenny Lawson.  I pre-ordered her book, Let's Pretend This Never Happened & got the signed book plate, but I've been crossing my fingers that her book tour would swing out here to the West Coast so I can actually meet her in person.  When the first leg didn't come anywhere near here, I was very disappointed.  So you can imagine the squeal of delight when day-before-yesterday she announced a final leg of her book tour that brings her within 5 hours of where I live!!

But it wasn't all squeals & tinkle.  I'm po' folk & the realization that there would be no way I could afford to make the trip sucked the joy right outta me.  Even when 2 friends offered to split the gas for the trip w/ me, I knew it would put us in a bind if I went.  Then a 3rd friend offered to split the cost of the trip & I started spinning the numbers around in my wee little brain.  The cost for driving my van all that way was high, but more do-able than before.  However, when 1 friend reminded me that (duh!) she has a car that gets awesome gas mileage, suddenly it all fell into place & our epic, estrogen-filled road trip was born!!

In T-minus 20 days (and counting!) 4 girls will pile into a car & make the 5+ hour trek to meet one of our heroines.  When we arrive at our destination, we'll add a 5th member to our group before embarking on an adventure so awesome, so amazing, so unbelievable that I'll be glad I signed up for those free samples of Poise bladder leakage pads!  


  1. Can't wait to see you guys! It shall be a fun day :) I unfortunately don't have the $$ to buy her book, but I will have to figure out something weird, and unique to get her to sign...hmmm...maybe I have a stuffed something around here!

    1. I've read peoples' comments & blogs & they all say she'll sign anything. I'm so glad you're going w/ us! This next 20 days needs to fly by!!!

  2. Lol she will love the weird or unique to sign!



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