Thursday, April 25, 2013


I am participating in the Blogging From A-Z Challenge.  Each day in April (except Sunday), I will post topic themes that begin with the letters of the alphabet, from A-Z.  Today's letter is V.

My husband is quite possibly the coolest guy around and I'll tell you why:

A couple months ago, the band Rehab announced new tour dates.  Being huge fans, my hubs & I were bummed to see that the closest they're playing is a venue nearly 300 miles away.  Since we're making a trip up that way the week before their show, we knew it was a no-go for us to make it to their concert.

However, never one to give up, my hubs noticed that there was a gap in dates between the 2 shows they're playing in Oregon.  He also saw that they posted on their fb page that they're willing to book more shows, so he emailed the band to tell them about a local bar that we knew would be interested in having them perform. The band wrote back and gave my husband the contact information for the person who books their shows and told him that the owner of the bar should get in touch w/ him if he's serious.  My hubs passed that info along to the owner of the bar & we crossed our fingers.

For weeks, we watched their tour dates, hoping to see one in our area.  After awhile, we figured it didn't work out, so we just resigned ourselves to the idea of missing our favorite band this time around.  
My hubs w/ Danny Boone of Rehab

Until Monday afternoon.  I was wasting valuable time on fb working hard when Rehab announced they'll be playing in our town on May 13th!!!  3 days before our 6th wedding anniversary, no less! :)  

We stopped by the bar to pick up our tickets and ended up chatting with the owner for quite some time.  This is our second time meeting the owner and both times he has been an amazingly nice guy.  He said that my hubs was the one who made it happen by passing on the information and that even though it took awhile to finally reach the booking agent, he was excited the band was going to be playing his venue.

Now that the show is booked, we've been pestering all of our friends.  We've also signed up to be "street teamers" so we can help promote the show.  We've reached out to 3 radio stations & are planning a valley-wide distribution of flyers/posters as soon as they arrive.  We're determined to make this show a success b/c although Rehab puts on such a great show that they're worth the 5 hour drive, we would love for them to make a stop in our town when they're on the West Coast.

And that, my friends, is just one of the reasons why my hubs is one bad ass mofo.  VIP status, all the way.


  1. Hi- just popping in from the A-Z Challenge. Nice to meet you!

    That's amazing your husband got the band to come and play! I hope you two have a wonderful time and enjoy the concert!! He is the coolest.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! :)

      We were both so excited to hear they were coming, but that was nothing compared to how cool it was knowing my hubby helped make it happen!

  2. That's awesome! Sounds like you have a fun night ready to go =).

  3. Good to hear of a success like this. Enjoy the show!

    1. We were shocked that it worked out. We'll have a ton of fun & I'm sure there will be a blog post about it. :)



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