Saturday, November 5, 2011

Adult ADD, anyone?

There are a few random things running through my head at the moment. The first one being: I want to share a picture of my diaper cake.
Another thought is: how can I earn some extra money making some ghetto-ass crafty things for people willing to pay me? I love making diaper cakes the most. It's fun to pick out the accessories, pick a color scheme, etc. I think my cakes have gotten better as I've made more of them. My first one was new & exciting, but clearly amateur. I don't even have a picture of it. But I would have to charge between $50-$75 just to turn a SMALL profit and my friends most definitely don't have that kind of disposable income. Those suckers ain't cheap to make; even at their most basic. Then there's tutu's. I just made my first one this week. They are fairly inexpensive to make & I'm sure I could learn to get more detailed w/ ribbon & various little embellishments & charge only $15 or $20 each for those to make a small profit. But b/c they're so simple to do yourself, I don't see there being a very high demand for things like that. A few years back I tried to pimp out my dvd slideshow making-skills to no avail. So that's out of the question. I probably couldn't keep up w/ a high demand even if I had one b/c I put so much time into trying to make them perfect. (I am a Virgo, after all. Imperfection is the devil.) Those are the only skills I really have. Clearly, not big money makers.

Another random thought running through my head: I love manicures. I got my first manicure yesterday. See?!
My aunt made an impromptu & somewhat secretive trip out here to visit our cousin, whose mom recently passed away. (RIP Jean) In the hustle & bustle of her short stay, she managed to squeeze in some time for me. She took me, 2 cousins, and my other aunt out to lunch then invited me to join them for a manicure before I had to get back to work. I didn't know it until after my fingers were painted the prettiest shade of "Sparrow Me The Drama" but my aunt gave up her mani for mine. (She had already made an appointment for 4 & they couldn't fit in a 5th.) It was a small gesture by most accounts, but to me it was very gracious & I am so very thankful for her generosity. She's always been the most giving person I've ever known. I hope one day I have the means to be just as generous. (For now I try to give what I can, despite my financial disadvantages. Time doesn't cost money. Neither does a little energy.)

This morning I'm enjoying a nice, quiet moment before the rest of the fam wakes up. (Besides Scooby. She woke up w/ me. AND IS ON THE COUCH EVEN THOUGH SHE KNOWS SHE'S NOT ALLOWED! Okay, she's off now.) I've got little Mikie all day today & tomorrow, so I'm sure my blogging time & peaceful moments will be very few & far between. Or non-existent. He was very good yesterday. A little clingy, but I can live with that. He only had one meltdown & that was b/c he ran over his toes w/ a rolling chair. He wasn't hurt much but he started bawling & carrying on like one of his digits had been severed in the traumatic chair incident. It was a brief fit & he was fine once I put his shoes on his feet to protect them.

New random thought: the baby shower yesterday was fun. It was for a friend's sister, whom I had heard a lot about but never met until yesterday. It was a great excuse to make friend pickles & eat pure crap all night. Mmmm. Gluttony. The games were funner than most other baby showers I've been to & the atmosphere was much less stressful & pretentious than others I've attended. But now I've been bit by the bug....two bugs, actually. One bug is pretty much always a constant and that is the pregnancy bug. I want more babies. It's common knowledge. It's also common knowledge that my utes are assholes & I most likely won't give birth to any more children. One day we'll venture into adoption, but for now, our finances are not where they should be for such endeavors. The 2nd bug is the baby shower hosting bug. Someone in my close circle of friends needs to get knocked up so I can throw them a shower. I'd prefer it if they'd plan to have an early spring baby b/c those are the months that are financially better than the others. Not as many birthdays around that time. (Just little Mikie's in April.) Really, anytime between February & June is good for me. Okay, get busy friends.

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