Friday, November 4, 2011

It's passing

The anxiety is mostly gone, thank goodness. Yesterday it felt like I'd never feel anywhere near normal again. Today, I'm hormonal & get teary-eyed at every little thing, but I'm not having panic attacks & that's okay by me!

I really want to post pictures on here of the diaper cake I made last night. (Well, mostly made. The topper isn't even started, but it shouldn't take long.) I made a tutu (yes, all by my very self!) and put that around the bottom of it. The tutu & diaper cake decor are all hot pink & black. Super cute & completely different from any of the other diaper cakes I've made. This one is less about the baby items & more about the look. Although it does have a few little items on there & the flowers are hair clips. (Putting the fun in functional, baby!) Once I have the topper done & dry, I'll be sure to take a picture & add it on here. Unless no one likes it. Then I'll stop liking it & I won't post pictures.

I still need to shop for the ingredients for fried pickles, wash my dishes, paint & decopauge the topper, and make aforementioned fried pickles. It' a lot, but I think I might be able to pull it off. (Or I'll throw my dirty dishes in a spare room, close the door to said room, and pretend I'm a good housekeeper.) I'm also leaving work for a little while to go have lunch w/ my aunt who is in town briefly for some family business. I thought about cancelling lunch b/c I'm fat & don't have cute clothes but I keep telling myself that my aunt doesn't care about that stuff so shut up & go out to lunch for crying out loud!

Once this baby shower is done, I've got a week until the next event at the Sams casa: Lilli's bday. My husband's best friend is bringing his daughter to town for her bday party. Her mom couldn't afford to throw her a party & I cannot let any child NOT have a party. So I told him to bring her here, give me some money, and I'll throw her a fairy party. I have not bought a single thing for this shindig, nor do I have any solid plans. I'm sure I'll be running around like a chicken w/ my head cut off on Friday night to get it all ready. But I hope it will be fun & I really hope people actually show up.

The weekend after Lilli's party is open, then the next week is Thanksgiving. I still have the Blessing Bag party to plan & throw, I have to coordinate the passing out of the Blessing Bags, and Justin wants a murder mystery dinner party for his birthday. All of which I have exactly 1 month of pull off. You'd think that realization would throw me into another fit of anxiety, but it hasn't yet. That's how I know I'm getting better. (Until the next time.) :)

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