Saturday, November 12, 2011

Multi-task is my middle name

I don't ever do just one thing at a time. When I'm watching tv or a movie, I'm also likely to be folding laundry, picking up the house, stalking people trolling fb, or doing something crafty. Right now I'm working & while waiting for a query to run, I'm also blogging. Dammit, that's talent!

I multi-task more out of necessity than anything else. Since squishing my mini-me out, life has been hectic. Some days are crazier than others. Today is one of the crazy ones. If I only did one thing at a time, I'd get very little accomplished. Like right now. I'm blogging while working b/c if I try to blog at home, I'll never post & then I'll fail my NaBloPoMo challenge to myself. I MUST POST EVERY DAY THIS MONTH!!!! So if work is the only place it's quiet enough to type my silliness out into the void of the internets, so be it. There's nothing for me to do while these queries are running anyway, so I might as well take advantage.

The only downside to blogging now as opposed to when I'm at home is that I can't post pictures from the birthday party I threw today. Everything turned out pretty cute & of course I want to brag about how well it came together. But instead, I'll post this little pointless blog then upload the pictures to my fb when all the rugrats that are currently at my house (3 girls & 1 boy ranging between 7 & 13 yrs of age) finally pass out for the night. If I don't drink myself silly pass out from sheer exhaustion first.

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  1. Right? I don't think I would accomplish anything if it weren't for multitasking.



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