Friday, December 16, 2011

Santa is real!

Yesterday was quite an interesting day, to say the very least. After work & after I picked mini-me up from school, we headed home to discover the kitchen for the craigslist girl had arrived. The prospect of putting together this amazing & generous gift from A.D. (anonymous donor) filled me with the glee that I envision the little girl receiving the kitchen will feel when she sees it for the first time. Just the thought of it puts a smile on my face.

Flash forward a few hours. After a trip to the store, dinner, and tucking the kiddo into bed, the hubs & I settled in for a couple episodes of Married With Children & some peanut M&Ms. The hubs in his boxer briefs & me in my homer jammies were laughing & munching when we were startled by a couple quick rings of the doorbell & a knock on the door. I peeked out our front window to see who it was b/c no one ever comes over that late & I just KNEW it was a crazy murderer coming to kill us. But I couldn't see anyone. So Justin ran to the room to put on pants & I wrangled the dogs, then opened the door very cautiously, expecting immediate decapitation. What I found instead absolutely FLOORED me. There on my front stoop was a big blue gift bag w/ a note saying "Trish - I'm making a few early rounds. Was in the neighborhood. Santa". I picked it up, looked around again, then went inside to see what was in the bag, hoping against hope it wasn't someone's severed head. Nope, no severed head. It was a brand new pair of shoes!!!!!

Let me give you a little back-story: yesterday one of our local radio stations posted on their fb that they wanted people to email them their Christmas wish lists & that a few lucky folks would be chosen to receive some gifts. I decided to email & ask for a new pair of shoes b/c it's honestly the only thing I could think of that I want or need. Then I posted on my fb that I asked Santa for shoes.
A few friends commented, 2 of them asked my shoe size, but otherwise there wasn't much hubub.

So imagine my shock, amazement, and utter disbelief when I find a brand new pair of shoes in my size at my front door!!!! I probably looked out the front window 70 times, hoping to catch a glimpse of my very generous & ninja-like secret Santa. I even sent my hubby out into the cold night air to try to see who it was. I immediately posted on my fb & got a few comments & likes, but no one has copped to their moonlighting Santa gig. Justin & I both have a couple of ideas who it was, but my problem is that I can't think of any good reasons WHY these people would do something like this for me.
I can't emphasize enough: I'm really nothin' special. I'm your average, run-of-the-mill, mediocre girl. I don't do anything to deserve this kind of gift, unless divulging highly-inappropriate information weaved into humorous little anecdotes counts.

As we were preparing to hit the hay, and as I was debating whether or not to sleep in these ridiculously awesome new shoes, my husband made a very valid point. "Santa" is definitely someone who knows me well enough to know I SUCK at accepting gifts, which is most likely why they chose to go all stealth-ninja & do the ding-dong-ditch. Most people know that when I receive gifts of any kind, I have a tendency to try to talk the giver out of bestowing such treasures on me. It borders on annoying, I know, but it's hard for me to fully express my gratitude, so I get all weird & try not to accept whatever they're offering me. (The only exception to this is food b/c I'm a fat kid.) Maybe "Santa" realized I would ruin the whole experience the second I opened my big, fat mouth so they high-tailed it outta dodge so they wouldn't have to listen to me yammer on & on about how they shouldn't have done that & I don't deserve it. It's also fair to assume they're not one who needs a lot of recognition for good deeds, which is a beautiful quality in any human. I want to thank them properly, but when my husband gently reminded me that I would ruin it the second I opened my mouth, I decided to stop plaster-casting the footprints in my front yard & finger-printing the bag. If they decide to come forward, I'll do my best to be grateful without telling them all the reasons why they shouldn't have done it. And if they don't ever reveal themselves, well then, I guess I'll just have to do the next logical thing & pay their kindness forward.

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