Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sleepy weekend blog post

My kid is focused on an intense game of Angry Birds on the hubs' phone, the hubs is sleeping on the couch, infomercials are blaring on the tv, and both the dogs are snoring. This is the aftermath of a damn nice weekend.

Saturday afternoon the craigslist kitchen lady stopped by & picked up the kitchen that my amazing anonymous donor ordered. It was pretty awesome. The craigslist lady told our daughter that we were doing something very wonderful for her granddaughter, who is just learning to walk at the age of 2 1/2 due to a muscle problem she has been battling. Our little family has spent all weekend overwhelmed by the feel-good endorphins, even though we were only the middle-men for our Anonymous Donor's generous gift.

Last night our little fam, our youngest nephew, and the hubs' mom drove around & looked at Christmas lights. Today we took the hubs' mom with us to Jacksonville for the last weekend of the Victorian Christmas festivities. Jacksonville at Christmastime is a pretty magical place. There are carriage rides, the town crier, and all the free cider & roasted chestnuts you can consume. Not to mention Father Christmas and carolers dressed in Victorian garb. It's absolutely beautiful.

All in all it's been a weekend full of little activities, but it's drawing to a close. It's the last weekend before Christmas. We're waiting to receive my Christmas bonus before buying gifts & food for the holiday. In the meantime, the hubs & I are going to make Trin a little package w/ a letter from Santa & Rudolph. There is a company that sells them for $50 but we're entirely too cheap for anything like that. So we're doing our own version & packaging it up for her to open on Christmas morning. I also need to put together a picture slideshow for my mother-in-law, put together a couple pages in my Mom's scrapbook, and I'm hoping to make 2 no-sew blankets to give my mom & Justin's mom for Christmas. It's going to be a pretty crazy week, but it will all be worth it next Sunday morning.

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