Thursday, December 1, 2011

Spirit Restored

Apparently when I posted my last blog link on my fb and said "I want your help" and then posted in the actual blog "leave a comment", everyone misinterpreted that as "say nothing, absolutely nothing". Except for the one person who's comment I deleted b/c it made absolutely no sense & talked about sex in heaven. Not exactly the inspiration I was aiming for, but that person or bot gets an A for effort. Unlike the rest of you mutes. It's okay, though, because my spirit has been restored quite a bit by someone whom I will not name just in case they want to remain anonymous.

Those of you who have been reading my yammering over the last month know that I have been planning to make a play kitchen for a little girl whose Grandma posted on craigslist asking for one. The plan was to upcycle an old entertainment center; an idea I originally saw on pinterest. I contacted the Grandma & told her my plan but explained it would take some time to get it done. I've been in contact over the last few weeks letting her know my progress, which has been nil. After a fruitless search for the right entertainment center, I decided my best bet would be to purchase one. Since apparently no one ever sells their used kitchens, my hubs pointed one out that we could buy brand new at the day after Thanksgiving sale. But we were spared the horrifying task of Black Friday toy shopping by this anonymous angel who said their child had one that they would give to me to give to craigslist girl. Huzzah! Hooray! Unfortunately, the delivery of said kitchen proved to be damn near impossible. Now, this is where any typical person would say "sorry I can't give you this kitchen" and be done with it. Which is perfectly acceptable b/c this was a commitment I made & with or without anyone else's assistance, I planned to follow through at all costs. But my anonymous angel is most certainly NOT your typical person. (And I mean that in the best of ways!!) Instead, they scouted around online & purchased a brand new kitchen for me to deliver to craigslist girl!

Without going into details on the textual butt-kissing that I did after my anonymous angel told me their plan, I will say there are not many words in any language that can describe the feeling of gratitude I have right now. I was already mentally taking stock of my finances & trying to figure out how I'd manage to squirrel away enough money to buy a kitchen in addition to my hubby's birthday, my besty's daughter's bday, and Christmas coming up. Before I could begin plotting trips to the "stab lab" to donate plasma for money or find things to sell, my anonymous angel swooped in and made it all better. Something this person has quite a knack for doing, by the way. Not just in this instance, but throughout our history together.

Not only was I the recipient of an act of kindness, I get to pass it on and feel the joy that brings. Coupled with non-stop Christmas tunes & all the decorations going up all over town, it's hard to not start feeling that Christmas spirit creeping in. I was really starting to worry if I was becoming a Scrooge in my old age, but it appears I just needed to be patient & wait for it to come in it's own time.

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