Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday morning

I didn't wake up quite as chipper as I did yesterday, so the crack fairy must have skipped my house last night. If she took requests, I'd ask for her to visit on a weeknight, but I don't want to be too demanding, lest she decide never to stop here again! I am, however, up before the rest of the fam. Which is always a nice little weekend treat for me b/c sometimes I just need the silence when I first wake up. This morning, I seized this opportunity to play with some of the pictures we took in Ashland yesterday.

I am the most novice photoshop user there ever was, but I do enjoy messing around with it from time-to-time. I just made a very basic collage and then messed w/ the colors & edges of another photo. Nothing fancy-schmancy.

Here is my collage:

And here the other picture I played with this morning:

Like I said, pretty basic. If you want to see all the unadulterated photos we snapped yesterday, you can find them on my fb page, provided you're on my friend's list. (Yep, I keep that shiz private, yo.)

I suppose now that I've had my play time, I should get a little housework done in preparation for today's anti-Super Bowl shindig. Just my besty & my husband's besty are attending. But we all think we're hilarious as hell so we'll have a good time while the children trash my kiddo's bedroom. (The one I spent a whole day cleaning & organizing last weekend. *sniffle*)

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