Sunday, March 11, 2012

A box, some fabric, & tan duct tape

Those are the ingredients for a great Sunday afternoon. I'm going to be painting that ugly shelf in the kitchen, but first I decided to upcycle some coffee boxes to be used as storage bins on the shelf. (Yes, I found this idea on pinterest. No, mine isn't as nice as the one I found online.)

I started out with a plain old coffee box. There are a gazillion of these at work & I had originally grabbed them at Christmas time for a lady who posted on craigslist that she needed boxes & wrapping supplies for a booth she was doing. As is commonplace for people on craigslist, she flaked out & I ended up with a few coffee boxes clogging up my garage. When I found the upcycled box idea on pinterest, I decided those boxes would be perfect.

Here is what I started with:

After some spray adhesive & fabric, it looked like this:

A piece of ribbon & a fabric-covered piece of cardboard, and some stick pins finished it up. Here is the final product:

Not too shabby, eh?! Of course, it will be a lot cuter when the shelf is painted & organized. Baby steps, y'all, baby steps.


  1. Great job, I think. I like it. My wife now loves Pinterest, by the way. I don't remember who showed wo, but it worked out well I think. Shes becoming craftier and craftier by the day. What's next on the Craft-genda?

    1. Next is the shelf. It's being painted w/ black chalkboard paint. After that is the table & benches. They'll also be black, but the table top will be chalkboard paint. That will be the end of my chalkboard painting b/c I don't want too much of a good thing. Once that's done, who knows?!

  2. Super cute. About how much fabric did you use?

    1. I bought a full yard b/c I couldn't decide if I was going to do 2 or 3 boxes. (I've settled on 2 for now.) One box used less than half of what I bought & it was SUPER EASY.



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