Friday, March 9, 2012

Flyin' by the seat of my pants

It's been a weird day, dear folks. It went a little something like this:

3:30am - Up & at 'em.

4:30am - Clock in & get some work done.

7:00am - Good morning text from the hubs in which he mentions that Trin was bummed that it's duct tape day at school & we have no duct tape. Guilt sets in, so I start plotting ways to procure a roll or two of duct tape & deliver some creative accessories to the kiddo.

8:00am - Target opens so I race down there for 2 rolls of duct tape & a package of bobby pins.

8:15am - Back at work. Time to get creative. (Keep in mind, this creativity has to take second stage to my actual job, so there were interruptions galore.)

9:50am - 2 adorable duct tape accessories are complete & it's time for my lunch break. I head to Trin's school to deliver the goods then drive the hubs to work.

10:25am - Back at work. Time to get shiz done after spending a chunk of my morning elbows deep in sticky pink & silver madness.

2:05pm - Off work. Head to pick up the kiddo from school. Stop home to potty & grab my half full diet rockstar out of the fridge b/c DAMN. Also grab the camera on my way back out the door.

2:45pm - Stop by my brother's house to drop off the invitations I made for my nephew's bday party.

3:05pm - Go to the park w/ Trin. Chat w/ my homey & let the rugrats play.

3:55pm - Leave the park & go pick the hubs up from work.

4:05pm - Hubs & kiddo drop me off for my first day volunteering at Rogue Book Exchange. (I thought I'd feel nervous about it being my first day there, but it was actually very comfortable. All I did was shelve some books, but I enjoyed it a lot. I'll be going back for a little while tomorrow afternoon. I'm going to help out 1-2 evenings per week & 1-2 Saturdays a month.)

6:05pm - Finish shelving a gazillion books & get picked up by the hubs. Find out that the ex has requested to have his child support reviewed AGAIN. Toss paperwork on the counter in a huff & start cooking dinner.

6:30pm - Eat w/ the fam. Begrudgingly pick up child support papers & start filling them out. Vent to the hubs. Try to force myself to finish my dinner through the anxiety. Get on fb & vent about what a piece of crap my ex is.

8:00pm - Go to walmart for trash bags, toothpaste, spray adhesive, tan colored duct tape (I'm addicted), and primer. Post on fb about what a ridiculously amazing father my hubs is & realize how freakin' lucky I am.

10:00pm - Blog.

There were some bathroom breaks, some interaction w/ the fam & our dogs, and other random occurrences throughout all this, but you get the gist. There was some crappy-ness thrown in the mix today, but overall I wouldn't say it was a bad day. Just a strange one.

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