Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Countdown to Chaos

This week's GBE2 prompt-of-the-week is: Make A List

I'm not real big on astrology, but I'm a Virgo, which means I'm extremely organized (or strive very hard to be). Lists are kinda my "thang". So the question I'm pondering now is not HOW to write a list, but rather WHAT my list should include.

I live by lists. I have a to-do list at work & at home, grocery lists, shopping lists, goal lists, bill lists, etc. I have lists of people I want to buy gifts for or organizations I want to give a donation. It goes on and on.

I posted a list of several goals I wanted to accomplish not too long ago. Since it's been the focal point of my posts for the last few weeks, I don't want to re-hash that again now. I also thought about listing a few books I've read lately & give a brief review of each, but again, that's been (semi)done recently. This prompt deserves a new, fresh list. One I haven't beat to death. So, what does that leave me with? Well, since I'm in the mood to giggle, I want something funny. When I think of the word funny, my mind immediately thinks "QualityChaos".

For those of you who don't know, QualityChaos is a comedy group my husband & his friends started over 10 years ago. They write & film comedy sketches then post them online for shits & giggles. I am an honorary member of QC, but I promise my intention is not to make this a shameless plug. I genuinely just want to laugh & make you laugh. So without further ado, here is my list:


5.) Beer Goggles

4.) Sittin' In The Driveway Pt. 1 **contains mild profanity**

3.) It Looked Like This **This one is a link b/c we haven't posted it anywhere else online yet. I submitted this for a contest in our local newspaper & won people's choice.
Click Here to Watch The Dang Video Already

2.) Diva Trish **This one is a response to winning people's choice for the last video. :)

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for. My number one, all-time favorite QualityChaos sketch of all time is.......(drumroll please)........

1.) The Bee Skit

I hope some or all of these put a little humor in your Wednesday. If so, then my job here is done. :)


  1. I thought about updating this list to include 2 more videos that I love, but they're not technically "sketches"; they're mock trailers. So I'll throw them in here as an honorable mention.

    1.) The Worst Day Since Yesterday teaser trailer

    2.) Zombie Ass Slappers trailer

  2. I'm surprised Diva Trish didn't become number 1...considering it's all about you, you Diva ;)

  3. Also, how in the heck had I not seen the bee skit before?

    1. What?!? You're joking, right?! Dude!!! Were you not there when I pointed out that Mike "lisp-syncs"? This was the very first QC video Justin showed me.

  4. You never seen the bee skit? West, you are a douche bag. Love ya buddy. Fist bump. My favs are 5. The Store 4. The Sandwich Skit 3. Quality Car Insurance 2. Personal Alarm 1.It looked like this

    1. Haha! Mike, do you realize that you're in ALL your top 5 favorites?!

  5. So is J and you.

    1. Justin isn't in It Looked Like This & that's the only one of your faves that I'm in. So neener-neener!



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