Friday, April 20, 2012

Ready for the weekend!

I am participating in the Blogging From A-Z Challenge. Each day in April (except the last 4 Sundays), I will post topic themes that begin with the letters of the alphabet, from A-Z. Today's letter is R.


Business is slow so there were some lay-offs where I work.  Because of that, I'm doing my full-time job plus 2 other employees' jobs, but the catch is that I can't work overtime.  This isn't the first time in the last 11 years that I've found myself in this predicament.  Part of me enjoys the challenge.  The appreciation from the powers-that-be is more forthcoming when I'm busting my butt & doing it well.  At the same time...*WHEW* I'm TIRED!!

See? It's time to mow!
I ended up getting off work 4 hours early today so I wouldn't go over my 40 hours.  The hubs & I bought some Harlem Globertrotters tickets, had coffee & visited w/ his mom at work, then I dropped him off to work & picked up the books I'm giving out for World Book Night next week.  After I picked up the books, I came home & started a load of laundry, picked up the house, logged in & did a little work (because I could still work half an hour before hitting my 40 & I don't wanna start next week too far behind), and now I'm eyeballing my front lawn dreading the inevitable yard work that MUST get done today.  

The rest of my weekend looks pretty similar to what my afternoon "off" has been: go, go, go.  Tonight the hubs & I are going to a memorial, tomorrow I'm putting in 4 hours at the book exchange, then we're going to a bbq. We don't have any plans for Sunday yet, but I'm sure there will be plenty of things to do before starting a new week.  In a perfect world, I'd sit around in my pj's all day at least once a week.  Sadly, the world is far from perfect.  My days off are spent catching up w/ the things that get neglected during the work week.  With the exception of the time I take to sit & post on this blog, I don't sit still for very long.

As much as I tend to pack into those 2 days off, I'm still always ready for the weekend.  I'm ready for at least 1 day where I don't have to wake up to an alarm.  I'm ready to do things that, while sometimes labor-intensive, don't require me to clock in & clock out.  It's also nice to have a break from the family chauffeuring that comes w/ being a one car household.  I'm especially ready for this weekend b/c the sun is shining!! There's just something magical about those sunny afternoons that pop in after a week full of cloudy, rainy days. Bonus points for being on a Friday!


  1. I love your profile; I'm so like you that I "overthink" everything. Perfect.

    1. It's a blessing & a curse, isn't it?! No matter how much I try, it's just the way my brain works.

  2. I am so ready for the weekend! 43 more minutes, I think I can, I think I can!

    1. You made it to the weekend!! Wa-hoo!!!! :)

  3. Oh how I love that I don't have to set the 6:00 a.m. Alarm tonight!

  4. well here we are Monday and I hope your weekend was awesome.

    visiting from A to Z challenge....



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