Sunday, May 6, 2012

Good old vitamin D

I've been battling a sinus/respiratory funk for the last few days, which was lousy b/c the weather has been gorgeous!!  Today was the first time I felt well enough to really do much, so we took full advantage of the sunshine by having a picnic at the park w/ the hubs' best friend & his girlfriend.  We stopped by & picked up our youngest nephew on the way.  We hadn't seen him in 3 weeks or so & his reaction when we showed up was priceless!! He was smiling & waving like crazy.  It was stinking adorable.

The kids had a blast playing on the playground while us grown-ups chatted.  My sweet little nephew wore himself out & ended up crawling up next to me & falling asleep on my arm.  When it was finally time to take him home, he cried & said "no go home, no go home", but I promised him & his parents that we'd try to take him once a week b/c he misses us so much.  (We miss him that much, too!)

We came home briefly, then headed over to visit w/ our other nephew & niece for a little bit.  We spent most of the time over there outside so Trin could play w/ their chickens & help gather eggs.  I just couldn't get enough of the sunshine!!  After so many days feeling like crap, I soaked up as much vitamin D as I possibly could.

My poor house has been neglected while I was sick, but I couldn't force myself to stay inside & clean, no matter how badly I needed to get it done.  The dishes will still be there tomorrow, but the sunshine might not be.  Just spending those few hours outside made such a huge difference in how I was feeling.  I've still got a cough & some congestion, but overall, I'm much better.  I'm really hoping the endorphins from this afternoon will carry over into work b/c as crazy as it's been around there, I could use it!!!

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