Saturday, May 12, 2012

Playing with pictures

The thing my mom & mother-in-law like best are pictures of their grandkids.  Since we didn't have time or money to go get their photos done professionally, and since we have our pretty new Canon T3i, I tried my hand at taking pretty pictures for the moms.

I can't say I did anything that is even remotely professional quality, but with a little photoshop, I managed to make something that should please both our moms.  Instead of writing about it all, I'm just gonna share a few of my favorites.
All the kids on the tracks
My youngest nephew having fun on the train tracks

My favorite picture of all the ones I took

Those are just a few of the ones I took. I think I snapped over 100 pictures & used photshop to edit multiple copies of my favorite pictures.  We took some at a local park, too, but by then the kids were antsy & most didn't turn out that great.  Now that I've had a chance to play w/ the camera a little, I can't wait to steal the kids away & take more pictures. :)



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