Tuesday, May 22, 2012

All over the place

Things are a little chaotic in my world lately.  None of it's really too bad, I'm just trying to find my groove, which is taking longer than usual.  Maybe that's what happens when you get older.  Or maybe I'm trying to do too much.  I guess I don't really know which is more true, and frankly, it doesn't matter b/c I'm not willing to let go of anything as of yet.

Work has been insane the last few weeks due to some layoffs. I managed to work my way through the worst of it (or the worst thus far) and am now on the downswing as things level out for the impending holiday weekend.  The book exchange hasn't been a calm refuge lately, either, as they've been in the midst of a change-over.  But it seems the dust is starting to settle there, too.  Which is nice b/c I like having the luxury of going to a job that pays me then going to a "job" I enjoy.  Sometimes the other stuff that goes on makes it difficult, but I'm stubborn so I hang on through the upheaval & I'm always glad I did in the end.

As if I'm not stretched thin enough, I had the wonderful idea to step up & help my mom out more.  Before you get to thinking I'm the perfect daughter, know that some of my help doesn't come for free.  My mom is going to find out if she qualifies for in-home care through disability.  If so, she's going to hire me as her caregiver & I'll be doing housework for her a few days per week.  A good daughter would do it for free, I know.  I don't intend to consider the things I already do as part of the work I'll be getting paid for. The only time I'll be "on the clock" will be when I'm doing household chores like laundry, dishes, etc.  When I'm doing the normal daughterly stuff like reversing fraudulent charges on her bank account & finding her a new doctor & whatnot, I'll be doing that as her child; not her employee.  In time, I know that I'm going to have to start seriously talking to her about giving me power of attorney, but I can tell she's not ready for that yet.  I also know I'll be no good as her advocate if I don't know exactly what she would want.  So the cleaning gig will give me a chance to spend more time w/ her in preparation for the day when she can no longer fully care for herself.  As many issues as I have w/ my mom, I could never sit back and let anyone take advantage of her & I definitely don't want her to have to deal w/ everything on her own.  So I'm stepping up my game in the daughter department & eventually I'll be bringing in a little extra money for my family, thanks to the great state of Oregon.  

In my last post I shared some pictures I had taken of my nephews, niece, and kiddo for Mother's Day.  Since the day I took those photos, all I can think about is how bad I want to take more.  I snapped some this past weekend, but it wasn't enough to satisfy me.  I want to scout locations, take tons of pictures, spend hours playing w/ them in photoshop.  I don't consider myself to be talented, but the pictures I took turned out well enough that I want to play w/ my camera more & maybe develop some minor skills.  My husband was sweet enough to gush at me for awhile about how great he thought my photos of the kids were & basically got me all worked up & excited to take more pictures.  Now all I can think about is where would be a good place to go & what kind of things I can get the kids to do that would make for cute photos. I have daydreams of setting up the tripod & taking some family photos, too.  I guess I found myself a new hobby to fill all that free time I have.  (Note the sarcasm.)  


  1. Thinking of you. You have a lot going on, try and squeeze in some relax time or you won't be any good to anyone. <3 Hugs!

    1. Thanks! I'm determined to take full advantage of the 3 day weekend & relax. I'm looking forward to it!! :)



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