Saturday, November 1, 2014


I started a photo challenge for November and decided to tie it in with NaBloPoMo and write a post about my daily picture. Some days I'll be wordy; some days not so much.
Today's prompt is family. I know looking at the picture you might be thinking "that's not a family. It's a bunch of food". To which I say " don't be an asshole" and "allow me to explain".  The Sams Fam throws a Halloween party every year. Usually it's debauchery galore. Drunkenness and craziness and awesomeness. This year it was tame because we've got babies around and a few key players didn't attend, but anytime our house is full of friends, it's fun. Tonight was no exception. 
Long story short, this picture is from the 2014 Sams Fam Halloween party. Our favorite family tradition. Get it? Family.



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