Friday, April 22, 2016

Storage Sale

I'm participating in the Blogging from A-Z Challenge again this year. Today's post is brought to you by the letter S.


For the last 4 months I've tried to get my Mom's storage unit cleared out so I can save her the $100/month fee, as well as pad her bank account a little.  Finally we've reached the point where it HAS to be done.  She has spent almost the entire nest egg she had accumulated and is down to living off only her Social Security.  As it stands, after her rent, AARP dues, storage fees, minutes for her cell phone, and prescription co-pays, she'd have roughly $60/month to buy hygiene products, extra snacky items, or anything else she might want or need.  Even though she lives in an adult foster home, that hardly seems like enough to get by.

We've moved quite a bit of her stuff, but we need to make 2 or 3 more trips before the storage is empty. The few furniture items I have brought to our house and posted on Craigslist haven't sold and the idea of piling stuff under our carport throws me into panic mode.  Just when I was starting to feel completely overwhelmed by it all, my lovely town provided the perfect solution:  YARD SALE!!!

The citywide yard sale is happening May 7th and as luck would have it, the deadline to be added to the sale map isn't until May 4th.  (For once, I'm not a day late and dollar short!) We are going to spend the upcoming weekend clearing out the storage unit, stick everything under our carport until the day of the big ole' yard sale, and then donate anything that doesn't sell.  I talked to my Mom and she's all for the idea.  I even started going through our house and putting aside a few things we want to sell to earn a little extra cash for ourselves.  I even found the old price stickers we bought for a yard sale we had 4 years ago!

No more trying to deal with Craislist flakes and sale groups on Facebook.  I'm taking it back to the old school, setting up some tables and free piles, hanging signs around the neighborhood, then calling Goodwill to come pick up the leftovers.  


  1. Oh yes...a yard sale is the way to go when you have lots of stuff. I have had success on Craigslist but it really depends on what you are selling. As for the yard sale, remember people are looking for a bargain so price the items low. The object is to get rid of them (and make a little money).

    1. Oh yeah, I tend to price low anyway b/c I just want stuff gone. Making a little cash is nice, but not my main goal. I'm all about clearing out the junk! :)

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Good luck with the sale! Enjoying your blog. :-)



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