Saturday, April 1, 2017

Another #AtoZChallenge (And yes, you should question my sanity)

I'm participating in the Blogging from A-Z Challenge again this year. Today's post is brought to you by the letter A.


For most of the last few years, I've participated in the A-Z blogging challenge that runs the entire month of April. It entails writing a new blog post every day (except Sundays), which at this point in my life probably seems insane.  Between a full time job, marriage, homeownership, a teenager, a toddler, and 30 weeks into pregnancy, it's difficult to even find time to take a dump, let alone write in a blog that maybe 5 people read regularly.  (At least 1 of those better be a hater.  I'll be disappointed if they aren't.)  Yet here I am, jumping head-first into the challenge after previously declaring it was a bad idea.

I don't know that I'll have anything particularly interesting or profound to share, and I'm worried that finding time to focus and write will become overwhelming almost immediately.  So I'm modifying it slightly.  I decided this morning, when I made the hair brained decision to get up early and write this post, that on the days it seems impossible to actually put thoughts into words, I'll just share pictures.  I take a zillion pictures a day because I have a ridiculously cute family, and I'm pretty sure I can almost always find something in my line of sight that would correlate with the day's letter.  Sharing a picture and writing a clever caption isn't hard at all.  And as time allows, I'll try to get some posts typed up in advance and schedule them out, that way I'm not just taking the easy route and making this a photo challenge, and so the pressure doesn't drive me to drink.  (Which would be bad because of the whole manchild in my womb thing.  Kid can't hold his liquor.)  

Today is pretty simple, though, because all I really have to do is proclaim my committment to this pointless yet fun challenge, allow you to judge me based on the foolish decisions I'm prone to making at the worst possible times, and since tomorrow is Sunday, I don't have to write anything at all.  Easy.  

In all honesty, I need something creative to do and even though there's no prize for participating and no punishment for quitting, when I commit to something like this, I know I'll push myself to finish.  In about 2 months, my life is going to pull a Fresh Prince and flip turn upside down, so I feel like this is my last hurrah before my brain shuts down from lack of sleep and I become nothing more than a 24 hour milk machine that changes poopy diapers.  Also, we have been doing some upgrades to the house and it's thrown my nesting instinct into high gear.  If all goes according to plan, hopefully I'll be sharing some before/after house stuff during the course of this month.  Or it'll just be 25 consecutive days of pictures of my kids and my dog and maybe some food or flowers.  I guess if you want to know how this ends, you'll have to read my blog all month long, now won't you?!

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