Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Fantasticks was, um, fantastic.

Yesterday was payday & the first of two nights that I don't have to babysit my nephew this week. While goofing around on facebook, I saw something about one of our local high schools putting on a play called The Fantasticks & I decided the fam & I should go see it. While I do love me some plays, I don't typically go to school plays unless someone I know is performing. However, I decided to take the fam to this one b/c they promised that if 250 people or more attended in one night, they'd give $200 plus half the proceeds from the consessions to the school's "Sparrow". That Sparrow just happens to be my kiddo's daycare provider's youngest child.

I didn't have any expectations when the play started b/c I didn't know what it was about. I am what you'd call very out of the loop when it comes to theater. If it's not on the big screen, I probably haven't heard of it. Not that I don't appreciate that type of entertainment, I just lack exposure to those sorts of things. I wasn't confident enough to sign up for a drama class in school, let alone perform in a play in front of a crowd. And I can't carry a tune to save my life. Couple my personal reasons with the fact that my parents were the type to sit in front of a tv rather than engage in any sort of community activities, I didn't get a lot of culture growing up. Now, as an adult, I'm pretty much guaranteed to be a newb to anything outside of your typical white trash past-times.

My husband, on the other hand, is a self-professed drama geek. It was his favorite high school activity & he continues to act in & write skits for his comedy group QualityChaos. He has allowed me to act in several skits & be a major part in the web series he's been trying to get off the ground called The Worst Day Since Yesterday. He's taken me to a couple of plays, my favorite of which was a performance of Sweeney Todd at the Camelot Theater. All this being said, I'm really glad to have a husband who was involved in drama & choir b/c I might not be so apt to venture to these types of things by myself. Not b/c I'm not interested, but b/c when you're new to something, it's nice to have a seasoned vet by your side.

The fact that it's helping someone we care about was the main reason for attending The Fantasticks last night, but it was also extremely entertaining. The student actors were very talented, the songs were well-written, and the story kept us interested all the way through. It's also nice to know that in addition to the various sporting events she has participated in and that we've attended for relatives & friends, we are exposing Trinity to the performing arts. As she grows & begins forming her own personal preferences, I know she'll be able to make a decision based on first-hand experience in all realms of extracurricular activities from rugby to choir.

Since I was pregnant with Trinity, I used my own upbringing as an example of what not to do as a parent. I have earned mommy points for breaking the cycle of abuse, neglect, and instability. I wonder how many points I get for breaking the cycle of apathy that is prevalent amongst us white trash offspring?

**Side note: If you live in the Southern Oregon area, you should check out The Fantasticks being performed through Saturday, November 19th at North Medford High School. The show starts at 7pm each night and there is also a matinee on Saturday. Tickets are $10 for adults/$5 for students.

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