Friday, November 18, 2011

Short & the haircut I want.

This one's going to be short & sweet. Which coincidentally matches the haircut I so desperately want! See?

Here are my 2 biggest reasons for not giving into my desire for short hair:

1. I'm scared it will look like poop on me.
2. My husband won't like it.

Allow me to elaborate on reason numero dos. See, my husband is a very sweet and ridiculously patient man who puts up with a lot. He never makes demands and is always supportive of me & the crazy things I do. He also knows me too well. Which is why he will not say that I can't cut my hair. Because he knows that if he were to forbid it, I would cut my damn hair myself & leave it in a pretty little bag w/ a bow on his pillow w/ a note that says "suck it". I'm just that kind of girl. He has said he is not a fan of short hairstyles on women, so I know he is secretly wishing I will change my mind about this haircut. Alas, he isn't so lucky. It's pretty much all I think about lately.

Here are my 2 biggest reasons for wanting to give into my desire for short hair:

1. When cut right, it's cute.
2. It's easy to manage.

You see, you few folks who read this blog, I am what you call "busy". Constantly. All the time. I'm also not real motivated to do anything w/ my hair that requires more than 5-10 minutes. Those minutes are precious and hardly worth wasting on my nappy mop of frizz. Rubberbands are my best friend. I tie my crazy hair back & forget about it. Until I look in the mirror & realize how sloppy & tired it makes me look. Also, it accentuates my enormous forehead, which I inherited from my father. I don't mind the forehead, except when my hair is in a ponytail.

My biggest conflict over this haircut can be boiled down to the hubby factor, though. The fact that he is so sweet & does not say anything disparaging about my fancy for pixie cuts makes me want to reward him by not chopping my hair off. It's the least I could do, right? Equally as important in this decision is the fact that I hate looking like this:

But I never have the time to make myself look like this:


  1. I think the side bangs would look really cute, I have no idea if pixie cuts flatter people or not. I usually like them on people (except Ginnifer Goodwin) when you see the cut, and if are already wearing your hair back all the time its not that different. hehe. I like this with a little less bangs but I think it will be more wear-able than the picture you have on shannyn which is full of palmade to get that textured look. :)

  2. I don't like it on Ginnifer Goodwin, either! *lol* Love the picture, too. I definitely want to make sure to have a realistic idea of what the cut should look like b/c a lot of the pictures I've found online are celebrities who have stylists & products to make them look so good.

  3. Short story: Trevor has always told me he loved my long hair. I have too so I've always kept it long. I went through a change at 28 and decided I would change my hair too. I chopped it off cause I just wanted it gone, and actually I asked trevor to do it (just tied it in a ponytail and chop, donated to locks of love). Then I had it fixed the next day and when i came home he was so turned on he wouldn't leave me alone. He still loves the short look. And Bangs, I won't even tell you about the hotness when I came home with bangs. Take Nike's advice Friend and JUST DO IT!!

  4. Hahaha, Caroline! Love it! The chance for some hotness w/ the hubs is definitely good motivation. :)

    (My hubs, not your hubs. But I think you figured that out already. *lol*)



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