Friday, December 23, 2011

The Christmas Crazies (part 2) - or - Bipolar Disorder at it's Finest

Yes, I just posted. Yes, I'm posting again. No, I'm not whining in this one.

As I'm floating around the internets (yes, I pluralize the word internet on purpose), doing everything I can to NOT work, I stumble across ONE Extraordinary Marriage's fb question of the week:

What do you remember most about your first Christmas together?

Simple enough question. And since I love to share everything w/ everyone, I started posting a comment in reply. In the process, my mood completely changed. It was as if a fog just magically lifted. Who cares about money, or lack thereof? Who cares if I have overdue bills? Who cares if I can't be frivolous with any of my Christmas bonus? I'll tell you who cares: NO ONE BECAUSE IT DOESN'T MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I really should get back to work, I'm not going to do my typical wordy post, explaining all the ways my life is amazing & further highlighting how insane I am. I will simply leave you with my reply to the question of the week:

I remember falling more in love w/ him when I saw his excitement at having a family of his own to share Christmas with. (He became an instant Dad to my 3 yr old daughter when we got together.) I remember being swept up in his excitement & feeling as though I was experiencing Christmas for the very first time. And I especially remember that is the night he proposed to me.

Call me crazy, but reminiscing on that first Christmas w/ my hubby, I can't not snap out of my selfish & whiny funk.

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