Wednesday, December 12, 2012

All done...for now.

Is it just me or does it seem like this blog has become completely overrun by party posts?  Well my friends, my faithful 1 or 2 reader(s): this will be the last "look at my party" post...until next year.

The most recent little shindig I threw together was relatively easy because it was for work.  There wasn't a lot of decorating to do b/c our space was limited, as was the amount of time we had to stop working & celebrate.  It just seemed ridiculous to me that this is my 3rd Christmas as Ops Manager & I've never thrown a little holiday bash for the department.  Also, I wanted an excuse to plan an ugly sweater party. Mostly I wanted to end a stressful work week with something fun for the people who work so hard in our company & who get the least amount of recognition or gratitude for all that they do.  It was so much fun, I've decided to make it an annual event, hopefully making it better & better with each passing year.

The premise for the party was based on simple holiday tackiness.  In my mind, I saw awkward family photos, ugly sweaters, and hideous decorations.  I think I brought that vision to life.  What do you think?

The ballots & trophy for our Ugliest Sweater contest
Extra headbands for those who wanted to take their ugly sweater to the next level
and special party pooper hats for anyone who decided to not dress up. 
I tagged all the food/beverages w/ these ugly sweater tags
Our department's awkward family photo.
(Sans 1 employee who was out sick that day.)
I'm going to do a little touch-up to the group photo above & email it around the office as a Christmas card.  It's a bummer that we're missing 1 person from our group, but Arlin's half-sweater will draw enough attention that no one will even notice anyone is missing.  Hell, they probably won't even notice any of the rest of us are there at all!  (By the way, Arlin & his half-sweater won the ugliest sweater contest by a landslide!)

Now that Christmas is right around the corner, I'm shifting my focus to the usual holiday craziness.  I love planning parties, but I'm grateful for a reprieve for a few months.  If his mom agrees, the next party I'll be planning will be my nephew's 5th birthday.  I've already started gathering ideas on pinterest for my nephew's birthday bash in April, my niece's birthday in August, Trinity's 11th birthday in October, and the bachelorette parties I want to help with/plan in the next couple years or so.  That's not obsessive, is it?  

Ahhh...who cares?!  

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