Thursday, February 26, 2015

Presley Maye turned one on Monday

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly time flies when you're a parent. One second you're holding a cooing, wiggly, teeny person in your arms for the first time and next thing you know you're celebrating their birthday. Monday we celebrated Presley Maye.

How does a girl celebrate her first bday when she's still in the contagious phase of a bout of conjunctivitis and it's a Monday?

First, you enjoy a nice meal of spaghetti-o's, making a small but impressive mess in the process. Mommy will clean it up, but little does she know she'll find some extra special crusty o's in some pretty strange places later in the day.

Next, you run down the hall naked when your mom tries to get you ready for the bath. She acts annoyed but you know she thinks it's adorable.

After a bit of a chase, you get in the bath and happily splash around and maybe dump a cup of water on the floor just to keep your mom on her toes.

Once you've been scrubbed from the tippy-top of your head to your teeny toe-toes, it's time to get dressed and play a bit. When your toy box has been sufficiently emptied of nearly every toy it once held and the clean laundry has been thrown from the basket to the floor, you might want to take a snooze to build up your energy. Don't sleep long enough to let mommy get anything accomplished, just long enough for her to clip your nails and start to think about laying you in your crib.

Napping works up an appetite, so it's time to munch some scooby snacks. Mom likes calling them dog biscuits. You don't care what she calls them as long as she keeps your tray full.

The next couple hours are occupied by random playing, debauchery, fighting every second of your mom's attempt to take a picture, and shoveling mac &cheese by the fist full into your mouth. While mom is busy trying to get some bday party prep done, make sure to fuss a lot to keep her attention on you where it belongs. Just as she's giving up on getting anything accomplished and starts to put away her supplies, doze off in your highchair.

And that, my friends is how a diva celebrates her first birthday.

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