Monday, November 11, 2013

Hello, is anyone still there?

As predicted, it's taken me some time to get back to blogging after this very eventful summer.  First thing's first.  For those who aren't on my Facebook friends list, you may have missed this big announcement:

Since my last post, we had the big ultrasound.  That was very exciting and surprising.  Given my "hunch" as to the gender of the baby, the actual gender came as a total surprise.  I've decided, though, that from now on, I'll always base my opinion of baby gender on the opposite of what my instincts tell me.  Doing it that way, I have a 100% accuracy on guessing what kind of baby I'm carrying.

Exactly one month before the ultrasound, we held my mother-in-law's memorial service.  For two people who have never had to plan one before, I have to say my hubs & I did pretty well putting it together.  The service was nice, the slideshow I made turned out perfect, and there were a lot of people there to say goodbye.  The day was mostly a blur, but I do remember that there were many of our close friends there to show their support for us and that meant the world to the hubs & me.  Knowing they were there made an unbearable sadness much, much lighter.  I don't know how we would have made it through any of this without them.

At the moment, my mother-in-law's estate is still in probate and probably will be at least until sometime close to Christmas.  Our house is going on the market this week in hopes that it sells soon enough that we're able to buy the house my husband spent most of his childhood.  I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I can't picture us in our current house a year from now.  My mother-in-law's house has always felt like home because that is where we have spent every holiday and celebrated every major event since Justin & I started dating 7 1/2 years ago.  If all goes well, we will bring our new baby home from the hospital and she will grow up in that house just like her Daddy did.  We've got all our fingers and toes crossed that it all works out.

With all the preparation for selling our house, we haven't had a lot of time to prepare for the baby.  We have a few outfits, some diapers and wipes, and some baby wash.  That's pretty much it.  My besty is throwing a baby shower in January, so hopefully we are blessed with a few more of the must-have items we're going to need for our little one.  We do have one thing lined up for when our bundle of joy arrives: photos.  We made an arrangement with a photographer for the baby's entire first year photos, including a shoot that will happen in the hospital on delivery day.  The package we signed up for includes 6 photo shoots.  We're also having the photographer do family portraits this Saturday, if the weather permits.  I suppose if nothing else, at least we can say we've got one thing handled. :)

It's hard to believe our baby will be here in just a little over 3 months.  At first this pregnancy seemed to go on forever, but now that we're nearing home stretch, I feel completely unprepared. Like I said, our focus has been on trying to get our house ready to sell so we can buy Justin's mom's house.  Once our house is officially on the market, there won't be anything else for us to do except wait & pray we get an offer.  That will be the point when we can redirect all our attention to getting ready for the baby.  True to Sams fashion, we'll probably be putting things together up until the very last minute.  That's not exactly how I wanted to spend the end of my pregnancy, but sometimes we just have to make the best out of the hands we're dealt.

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